Office Moves, Alterations & Changes MACS

Our goal is to minimize the disruption to your personnel and your business, as such we offer out of hours services, meaning we start when you finish and have finished by the time you are back to start a new day of work.

We specialize in the installation of AV/data/voice/ power cabling and as such it naturally follows that we are well placed to offer you experienced and highly skilled assistance with all of your office needs.

Your company is organic and over time can grow or change beyond the original network infrastructure of cables and sockets.

Regular service requests include:
• Contracts for Ad-hoc changes as the business needs change
• Additional AV/Data/Telephone/Power cables
• Floor box changes
• Electrical services including PAT testing by qualified engineers
• Complete data and comms re-locations
• Expansions to your current network infrastructure
• Analysis, testing and reporting of existing networks
• Fibre splicing of OM1, OM2, OM3, etc.
• Krone extensions of Cat.x cables

As standard we will offer to fully certify all of our installations using the very best calibrated Fluke DTX tools, in the case of upgrades of existing networks we will offer a pre and post report.