Data Cabling

Data, Fiber Optic & Structured Cabling & Wireless Networks

Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced and they thrive to implement any project whether it’s a first installation or an upgrade, they are also sensitive to your needs and those of your people. That means taking the greatest of care to minimize disruption during the installation and maximize efficiency once it’s up and running.

Other companies can supply you with the systems you need and have the capability to install them. But when your IT Project is Mission- Critical, we believe it is vital to work closely with a single operation with all the infrastructure, experience and expertise to offer you a comprehensive turnkey service.

Often companies can regard the Structured Data Cabling as a lesser priority in the installation of complex and expensive systems, one should bear in mind, DATA cable infrastructure is the back bone and key to the success of your project. We employ certified and qualified designers and installation engineers thereby guaranteeing your project a top quality and reliable installation.

What is A Structured Cabling Systems? This is a complete collective configuration of cabling and associated hardware at a given site, which once installed provides a comprehensive infrastructure. This can be used for the networking of computers, telephony and Audio Video distribution.