Luxury Home Cinemas

Brings that Gigantic Screen to your Home

Real home cinema systems are very different now than the previous years, Full HD, LED LCD and Plasma screens are the norm and Projectors offer the real Odeon experience. When the display is coupled to a Full HD source such as Blu-Ray player, the experience is lifted to a new plane. The next big thing is Full HD 3D which has now come to market and with many Hollywood films produced in HD 3D, there is a real need for the ability to watch the same in your home. Plasma, Projector and LED LCD devices have the new Full HD 3D technology. When used with a Full HD 3D film the viewer requires special glasses, which resemble sun glasses, some are active and others require no power.

Most AV amplifiers will gladly drive up to 7.1 separate channels of surround sound, while a huge variety of speakers are available. And vitally, movie lovers have access to an enormous range of DVDs, boasting razor-sharp picture quality and high resolution digital soundtracks.

There are now several different home cinema solutions available to consumers, but the most flexible way to go is with separates. A display device is obviously required, as is a DVD player to run the movies on, a receiver or amplifier to decode the digital audio data into its discrete channels and then amplify it, and finally a set of speakers to physically produce the sound. One-box systems are also available, often at very competitive prices and usually of limited quality, consisting of a combined Blu-ray or DVD player/receiver along with a 5.1-channel speaker package.