Automation of Home & Office

Smart Homes & Good Offices

Home and office automation is a new technology that simplifies the way we use electronic, mechanical and electrical devices found around us. This is done by color touch screen controllers that are easy to understand and operate as they are programmed to your specific needs.

Home and Office Automation uses one or more hidden central processors to control all aspects of the buildings functions and features  automatically and if required remotely. This technology includes scheduling and automatic operation of:

1. Audio & video content storage and playback
2. Heating and air conditioning
3. Window coverings
4. Security systems
5. Lighting
6. Water sprinkling
7. Food preparation appliances

Smart phones and computers can be used from anywhere in the world to remotely control your home while you’re away, this includes video conferencing, telephones and answering machines, fax machines and other communications equipment, and home robotics such as automatic vacuum cleaners.

The fundamental components of a well-designed Automation system include the input or control Touch Panels, a central rack to mount  equipment into, processors with the appropriate programming, the various devices and systems to be controlled, interconnecting cables or wireless links, a high speed Internet connection, and an emergency backup power source for the Processor, its peripherals, and the essential home systems.