Education ICT

Make Your Budget Work For You

Our notable product offerings will transform learning by helping teachers bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. We ensure you only have products that are easy to use and engage with, enabling teachers to quickly incorporate them into their lessons, to transform learning and increase student engagement.

SMARTENTITY provides you the specific technologies your students deserve in the 21st century.

Typical applications include:
• Universities, Colleges, Schools, Sixth Form Buildings and Nurseries
• Renewable Energy Solutions, Solar, Ground Source Heat Pump and Wind Turbine
• Classrooms
• Auditoriums
• Gymnasiums
• Assembly meeting areas
• Lecture Theatres

Typical technologies include:
• Audio Video Systems including, Displays, Projectors, Central Storage and distribution of Media
• DATA Networks including BICSI RCDD Certified, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 and Fiber Optic Networks
• TV Aerial and Satellite rigs and Distribution
• Building Management System encompassing ECO Control
• Automated lighting control systems and Full Spectrum Lighting
• Stage Lighting and Audio Desks